Samurai Jack...No More? Page Two

Page Two

Panel One: The first panel of the second page is a dramatic shot of the captain of the guard as he stands in full heroic fashion on top of the fortress. He is staring into the distance at the unknown approaching figure. The captain has his spear in hand as he prepares for battle. In the background, in the fortress’ interior, we can see a few soldiers looking up towards the captain as they listen to his words.

Captain: Aku will not pass! We must protect the city!

Panel Two: This is a shot of the mysterious oncoming figure. He remains blurry amidst the rolling dust clouds. The figure should be slightly clearer than he was when we first saw him in the binoculars’ lens.

Panel Three: In this panel, we discover that the mysterious figure is not one of Aku’s robots or Samurai Jack. Instead, the figure is one of the soldiers that survived the last battle against Aku’s beetle bots outside of the fortress. He is battle weary, tired, and dragging one of his legs. His body has a few visible bruises and cuts, indicating that he has been through quite an ordeal. He is using a broken lance to hold himself up.

Rufus: Please…open the city gates!

Panel Four: This is a close-up shot of a random soldier yelling to his comrades inside the fortress. He is letting them know that the mysterious figure approaching the fortress is not one of Aku’s soldiers but rather one of their own men.

Yelling soldier: It’s Rufus! Rufus has returned from the battlefield!

Panel Five: This is a widescreen shot of the fortress gates being opened. Soldiers are pushing open the large tree trunks that reinforce the fortress’ entry way. The surviving soldier is framed in the center of the panel as he is about to enter the fortress.

Sound effect: Creak! (On both sides of the entrance as the tree trunks are pushed open)

Panel Six: This is a side shot of the surviving soldier having entered the fortress. The surviving soldier is on his knees, indicating that he has been through quite an ordeal. He is battle weary and tired. He is kneeling in front of the captain with a broken spear lying on the ground before him. The captain is standing in heroic fashion, holding his spear at his side as his cape flows in the wind. In the background of the panel, a number of soldiers have assembled. They are interested to hear what the surviving soldier is going to say.

Captain: What say you, Rufus?! Where are the other soldiers? Where are-

Rufus: Captain, they’re all gone. Everyone is gone, including the samurai.

Panel Seven: The last panel of page two is a close-up shot of the surviving soldier as he tells the captain that Samurai Jack is gone. His face has a few bruises and cuts, indicating that he has been through quite an ordeal. He is looking down at the ground, obviously saddened by the loss.

Rufus: Samurai Jack…is no more.

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