Samurai Jack...No More? Page Three

Page Three

Panel One: The story now goes away from the fortress and to a battlefield located not too far from the fortress. The first panel of page three is a shot of six soldiers completely surrounded and outnumbered by Aku’s beetle robots. The soldiers are armed and prepared for the oncoming attack. Through the beetle bots numbers and the way the beetle bots are positioned, it should give the reader the impression that the soldiers do not have a very good chance of surviving this battle.

Rufus (narrating): When we first reached the battlefield, our forces were two legions strong. We were ready for anything! But Aku’s mechanical beasts quickly overwhelmed our soldiers.

Rufus: Before the sun could go down, those of us still standing were exhausted…and surrounded.

Panel Two: Panel two is a middle-to-close-up shot of one of the soldiers. The soldier is telling he fellow comrades to remain firm.

Soldier: Stand steady, boys! Don’t let these things take you prisoner without a fight!

Panel Three: This is a shot of one of the beetle bots as it prepares to attack the soldiers.

Rufus (narrating): The odds were against us.

Panel Four: This is a dramatic shot of Samurai Jack flying through the sky, silhouetted behind the scorching sun. Jack has his sword up above his head, about to strike downward.

Rufus (narrating): But then the samurai appeared!

Panel Five: The next three panels are a progression of Jack’s sword strike through the beetle robot. In panel five, we can see Jack’s sword having already sliced through half of the beetle robot.

Rufus (narrating): In the blink of an eye…

Sound effect: Slash!

Panel Six: In this panel, we see Jack’s sword having almost sliced completely through the beetle robot. Between the beetle’s halves, we can see Jack’s silhouette.

Rufus (narrating): …the samurai had shown us that defeat…

Sound effect: Slash!

Panel Seven: In the last panel of the page, the beetle robot has been completely sliced in half by Jack. Between the beetle’s halves, we can jack’s silhouette as he raises his sword into the air.

Rufus (narrating): …was not an option!

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