Samurai Jack...No More? Page Six

Page Six

Panel One: the first panel on page six is a shot of the captain and 2-3 soldiers standing on top of the fortress and looking out towards the approaching beetle robot. The beetle robot is standing within attacking distance of the fortress and has an ominous shadow set behind it to make the scene much more threatening.

Panel Two: The second panel is a shot of the left-side of the beetle robot facing the camera.

Panel Three: The third panel is a shot of the captain’s right-side face as he stares at the camera. He is staring at the oncoming beetle robot. Behind the captain and to his side we can see 3-4 soldiers with weapons in hand, prepared to fight against Aku’s robotic minions.

Captain: Remember the samurai! Remember his sacrifice!

Panel Four: Panels four, five, and six are all the same size and are meant to feel similar to the Jack-slicing-the-beetle-robot panels on page three. In panel four, the beetle robot is facing the fortress, seemingly preparing to attack.

Panel Five: In panel five, the beetle robot is beginning to split cleanly in half.

Sound effect: Slash!

Panel Six: In panel six, the beetle robot has split cleanly right down the middle. The halves are lying on the ground. There are sparks coming out of the robot, indicating that it has been destroyed.

Panel Seven: The last shot is a widescreen panel with the beetle robot’s halves split and on the ground. Between the halves we can see Samurai jack standing in heroic fashion with sword in hand.

Sound effect: Crackle! Pop! Snap! (Coming from the slashed beetle robot)

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