Samurai Jack...No More? Page Five

Page Five

Panel One: The story now returns to the fortress. The first panel of page five is a shot of Rufus as he is kneeling down on the ground in front of the captain. He is looking to his side, contemplating his story and the likely demise of Samurai Jack.

Rufus: I barely survived the explosion and the long journey back to the city.

Rufus: With his last breath, the samurai saved our city…

Panel Two: In panel two, we have a close-up shot of Rufus as he finishes his tale. He is looking down towards the ground, saddened by Jack’s demise.

Rufus: …and he saved me.

Panel Three: Panel three is a shot of the captain of the guard standing in full heroic fashion. He is addressing his soldiers after hearing Rufus’ sad story. He is rallying them together, reminding them that Aku’s forces have failed to defeat them and reach their city. In the background of the panel, we can see an ominous shot of Aku.

Captain: Over and over again, Aku has sent his armies to try and take our city!

Captain: Each and every time he has failed!

Panel Four: Panel four is a shot of Samurai Jack looking at the camera as he holds his sword. Within the sword’s reflection we can see Aku’s face.

Captain: With the help of a brave stranger, we live to fight tomorrow.

Panel Five: This panel is a shot of the captain, having taken off his helmet, and looking towards the sky. He is taking a moment to honor Samurai Jack and his brave efforts in fighting Aku.

Captain: But today, we will remember the samurai who saved our people.

Panel Six: The last panel of the page is a shot of a few soldiers reacting to something off screen. They can hear a beetle robot approaching the fortress’ entrance.

Soldier 1: Captain!

Soldier 2: One of Aku’s mechanical beetles is approaching the city!

Soldier 3: Everyone! To arms!

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