Samurai Jack...No More? Page Four

Page Four

Panel One: Panel one is a shot of Samurai Jack as he fights alongside the soldiers.

Rufus (narrating): We fought Aku’s beetles with everything we had!

Panel Two: This is a panel of Samurai Jack fighting solo to showcase his skills.

Rufus (narrating): The samurai was amazing! I’ve never seen such courage and intensity!

Panel Three: Panel three is a widescreen shot of Jack and Rufus fighting back to back against the attacking beetle robots.

Rufus (narrating): With his heart and his steel, he gave us a second chance. But it came at a great price.

Panel Four: Panel four is a shot of Rufus as he guards himself from a beetle robot attack. Rufus is looking away towards Jack who is being overwhelmed by the beetle robots.

Rufus: Samurai!

Panel Five: Panel five is a shot of Jack’s hand being drowned in a sea of attacking beetle robots. Jack continues to hold his sword firmly in hand.

Rufus (narrating): Before I could reach him, the samurai had disappeared under an army of beetles.

Panel Six: The last panel of page four is a widescreen shot of a large explosion in the middle of the battlefield. When Jack was swallowed by the beetle robots, he must’ve triggered an explosion. Most of the beetle robots have been destroyed by the explosion. Outside of the explosion/mushroom cloud, a few beetle robots are being torn apart. A few of the soldiers are hiding their shields up to protect themselves from the blast.

Rufus (narrating): I’m not sure what happened, but the samurai must have destroyed the robot leader, causing the other beetles to explode.

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