Samurai Jack...No More? Page Seven

Page Seven

Panel One: Panel one is a shot of Samurai Jack standing strong with sword in hand as he looks to the top of the fortress. Jack’s kimono is torn and all that remains is a skirt. His body a few bruises and cuts, indicating that he has gone through quite an ordeal. The beetle robot’s halves are on the ground, bleeding oil on the ground.

Panel Two: Panel two is a close-up shot of Jack’s eyes. He has a serious expression as he tells the captain and the fortress’ soldiers that Aku’s robots are no longer a threat to their city.

Samurai Jack: Your city is safe. Aku will not pass.

Panel Three: The third panel is a shot of a random soldier raising his sword into the air as he yells in victory.

Soldier: Long live the samurai!

Panel Four: Panel four is a widescreen shot of a group of soldiers raising their weapons into the air and yelling victoriously now that Aku’s beetle robots have been defeated.

Soldiers: Samurai! Samurai!

Panel Five: The last panel of the page has three elements. On of the left side of the panel, the captain is in the foreground of the shot, talking to the screen and concluding the story. On the right side of the shot, we see Samurai Jack walking away from the battlefield and towards the horizon. He is battle weary and bruised. In the middle of the shot, we can see a blurry image of Aku. Aku is angry that he has been defeated yet again by Jack.

Captain: We will never give up! Never surrender! If Aku and his armies return, we will remember the stranger! The samurai who saved our city!

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