Samurai Jack...No More? Page One

Page One

Panel One: The first panel is an establishing shot of a small fortress. The fortress is located in the middle of a valley/pass and acts as the last line of defense for a small city deeper in the valley. For the most part, they have maintained out of Aku’s sight. As of late, Aku’s scouts have discovered the city and wish to exploit its resources. However, the only way to reach the city is through the valley pass and the fortress. In order to demonstrate that a number of battles have taken place around the fortress, we can see arrows, swords, and shields in the ground. Some of the shields are cracked, some of the swords are broken, and the arrows are embedded into the ground. All of these suggest that the skirmishes have been destructive without being unnecessarily graphic (ex. Skeletons, skulls, etc). At the top of the fortress, we can see a small figure standing guard. There are waving flags also on the top of the fortress.

Credits go in the upper right-hand corner

Panel Two: This is a shot of a blurry, indistinct figure walking towards the fortress. The figure is difficult to make out due to the rolling dust clouds. The figure looks slightly like the silhouette of Samurai Jack. The outline/border for the panel should be like a pair of binoculars. On the binoculars’ lens, there are bits of data. There is a crosshairs targeting the mysterious figure.

Panel Three: This is a shot of a soldier holding a pair of binoculars and looking out into the distance. He is staring at the camera. In the binoculars’ lens we can see the small figure seen in panel two. The soldier is the captain of the guard for the fortress.

Panel Four: This panel is the same shot from panel three but now the soldier has lowered the binoculars. We can see his eyes as he looks into the camera.

Captain: Something approaches.

Panel Five: The last panel of the page is a shot of the soldiers inside the fortress as they raise their weapons into the air. They are reacting to the captain of the guard as he calls to his men, letting them now that something is approaching and they should prepare for battle.

Captain: Men! Take hold of your weapons and prepare for battle!

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