SDCC Souvenir Book

Each year the folks at Comic‑Con give each attendee a free trade paperback-sized commemorative souvenir book. This year's theme focused on a number of anniversaries in the fanboy world.

Dick Tracy and the Universal Monsters' turned 75th, Captain America and Archie are 65, Flash and Gumby are 50, and Star Trek is 40.

And not to be forgotten, Space Ghost is also celebrating his 40th Anniversary.

Before Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, Space Ghost was my first real exposure to a superhero. As a kid, I would watch the cartoons every morning before heading off to school. And with the perspective that comes with age, I've come to realize that Space Ghost was one of the major turning points in my appreciation for all things comics and animation.

So I wanted to thank the people at SDCC for giving me the priviledge of contributing to the '06 souvenir book with a pinup (click here to see the color version and here for the black and white version) and an article about Space Ghost and what he means to me. I know Space Ghost is considered as an old school character by some but for those of us that grew up watching his animated adventures, it's nice to see the recognition of his 40th anniversary.


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