San Diego in the Rearview

It's over.

San Diego Comic Con is over.

First and foremost, Scorched Earth did not make it as a finalist in the Comic Book Challenge. But that's not a completely bad thing. I had the chance to pitch the project to comics pro Marc Silvestri and super-producer Gale Anne Hurd, both of which were nothing but flattering. The contest should open other opportunities that will help Scorched Earth get to the masses in the near future. So big thanks to all the friends and family that gave their support. It was very much appreciated.

That being said, this was my first year out there and it was a pretty cool experience. Travel complications aside, the con was...OK. Having been to Wizard Chicago for the last five years as an attendee or an exhibitor, I've seen what a "big" convention is like. San Diego is huge, about 3-4 times bigger than Wizard Chicago. It has more exhibitors from the comics/film/television/video game worlds than other cons. And there are more exclusives and con variants than you can shake a stick at.

I guess once your primary goal when attending a con is to network with industry folks and try to get your books picked up by a publisher, having all those fancy exhibitors all over the con floor doesn't mean much. The con becomes more of a networking opportunity than a fan event. But nonetheless, it was cool to see the celebrities and non-comic people out and about among the fanboys and fangirls.

I took a few pictures and bought a few items so I'll post it all little by little. Not only do I have a big move coming up before the end of the month, Wizard Chicago is also right around the corner. So you can imagine that things are a little hectic at casa de Bernie. But once Wizard has come and gone, I'll be able to get back onto the drawing board and post more doodles.


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