The Comic Book Challenge...and Bernie!

Hey all,

Platinum Studios and NBC's San Diego affiliate partnered to create a contest called the Comic Book Challenge. The Challenge was an open call for creators to submit their projects in the hopes that it would be chosen for review by a panel of "celebrity" judges including Marc Silvestri, Gale Anne Hurd, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, a staff correspondent for People, an editorial director for The Hollywood Reporter, and...Ving Rhames!

The judges' bios can be seen here.

Well...they picked one of my projects as a semi-finalist!

The project is called Scorched Earth. I'm the writer on the book and fellow Element X-er Tim Irwin is the artist.

You can check out a preview image of Scorched Earth here.

The last week has been crazy because I've had to read a lot of paperwork and get ready for the pitch. Along with 49 other creators, I get two minutes to knock the judges' socks off. So you can imagine how paranoid/nervous/excited I am, espcially since San Diego is only a few days away.

If I'm fortunate enough to make it as one of three finalists, I get to do the pitch on television and then it goes into online voting to determine the grand prize winner. Details on the three projects will be available for review online and voting will be open to the public from July 21 till noon July 24th right here.

If I make it that far, and you seriously like Scorched Earth, check out the site and vote. Tim and I would definitely appreciate it.



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