Podcast Premier

I popped my podcast cherry last week on Around Comics. Here's the episode summary:

"Comics on TV. The premier of Blade inspired the panel to discuss comic book adaptations on television. Can Blade survive past the movies? What does it take to make a compelling show that's based on a b-list comic character? The Flash, The Incredible Hulk, Witchblade and others are discussed as we welcome Mike Oliveri, Bernie Gonzalez, and Matt Sommer to the roundtable."

You can check out the episode at the Around Comics website here and direct download it here (right click over the link then "Save Target As").

If you're not digging on podcasts, you should definitely check 'em out. Most of them are free to download, can be played on your computer or I-Pod/MP3 player, and they're great to listen to in the background as you work.


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