Wizard Chicago Photo Fest Part 4

Here are a few "mug shots" from the con...

Around Comics podcaster extraordinaire Tom Katers (with hat) and Word Balloon magic man John Siuntres.

Secret Skull and Black Metal artist Chuck BB.

The men behind The Damned: writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Hurtt (hint: Brian's the one in the Freddy Kruger shirt).

ZigZag Comics man J. Chris Campbell...and me, talking about, well, comics.

Michael "Micronauts" Golden.

Groove Junction artist Andre Szymanowicz.

Butterfly webcomic creator and Project: Rooftop editor Dean Trippe.

Gabe "Galvo" Bautista givin' the people what they want.

The man behind Big Boy and Rusty, Hardboiled, and Shaolin Cowboy: Artistic demi-god Geof Darrow...and lovely daughter.

Artist/painter Mark McHaley taking a brief respite from a commission.

Michael Oeming works on a "sketch" (yeah, right...that piece was way more than a sketch...damn talented bastard...I mean, nice guy) of his new Image series, The Mice Templar.

Criminal Macabre and Strange Girl artist Nick Stakal.

Patrick the Wolf Boy booth sans creators Art Baltazar & Franco.

Image Comics founder and comics industry cornerstone Rob Liefeld.


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