Galaxy Trio - Part Four

With all the characters inked and colored, I couldn't forget the Galaxy Trio's space cruiser, Condor One. Instead of actually drawing the ship, I did a quick, loose sketch on a scratch sheet of paper, scanned it, and finished it in Photoshop. So here's Condor One...Now for the background. Gravity Girl and Vapor Man may be flyers but poor Meteor Man is stuck on the ground. In my original thumbnail sketch for the pinup, I wanted the characters running dramatically towards the camera. So I painted a distant planet surface with a slight tilt to the ground...

After adding the three characters, Condor One, and working some Photoshop magic to make the separate elements come together, here's the final shot...

You can see a bigger version here.

I had a heck of a time trying to render Gravity Girl's powers. In the cartoon, she simply shot a pretty generic gray-colored ray but I wanted to level her up and show how cool looking her powers could be. In the end, I leaned towards an electric crackle, Jedi powers look. I think it came out pretty good. I also added a slight trail to Vapor Man's vapor trail to make it more organic.

The Birdman pinup was fun but this one was a good challenge. I'll have more retro animated pinups in the future but for the next few weeks, it's back to my projects.


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