Space Ghost - Part Two

With Space Ghost complete, it's on to the background.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I knew I wanted to show Space Ghost flying through the cosmos and I wanted to stick to the an "animated" feel. Having already channeled a little Alex Toth, I decided to go to another master for some inspiration - Jack "The King" Kirby.

A few weeks ago, I was on one of my online surfing sprees and stumbled upon a small gallery of Kirby artwork. And as I was checking out the pages, I realized how far Kirby's genius extends. So I ran to my local comic shop and bought Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby volume 1.

It's an oversized hardcover that collects a quite a few highlights from Kirby's time at the House of Ideas. To say the least, I ate it up. His layouts, inking, designs, techniques...brilliant. It goes without saying that I'll be the proud owner of volume 2 very soon.

With pencil in hand and Kirby at my side, I went to work. Since I'd already drawn Space Ghost, I took into account how much space he would take up and where he would fit in the shot. After some loose roughs of the planets, some random space stuff, and a few Kirby dots, I went right into inking. The whole thing came together pretty fast.

The Kirby dots didn't come out exactly the way I wanted but I'll chalk it up to a learning lesson. Next time I'll get it right.

With Space Ghost and the background complete, I scanned in both elements and worked a little Photoshop magic. I ended up shrinking Space Ghost alittle more than I intended but it made for a better layout.

I'll post the final pinup next.


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