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Whoever created "blogging" should really pat themselves on the back. What a simple and interactive means of communication. And the good people at Blogger shuld also engage in some well-deserved back patting for making the actual blogging process easy. You always have the option to customize and accessorize but if you just want to write down a few thoughts or post a picture, the logistics are not beyond the average person's capabilities.

That being said, I've got a ton of artists' blog sites saved under My Favorites and it's pretty cool to see them utilizing their blogs as work diaries. Some artists post their work from the first sketch to the final illustration. Some discuss their inspirations and provide links to other amazing and talented people. And some artists use the blog as a sounding board for their ideas, even if it is a one-way conversation in their mind. But all of the blogs provide an insight into the artistic process that is hard to come by outside of standing over the artist's shoulder as they work.

So I'm gonna give it a shot with my own blog and to give anyone that cares to look a little insight into my artistic process. I'm also going to keep this separate from the Element X blog I frequently update. I'm sure there'll be some crossover but this blog will center on whatever sketch/pinup/project I'm working on at the time with a few rants and raves thrown in for good measure.

I'll try to keep it entertaining.


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