King of the Unknown

Good friend and fellow creative renaissance man Marcus Muller just launched his new webcomic, King of the Unknown. It's a rock, horror, paranormal, action, comedy masterpiece in the vein of Adult Swim's Venture Brothers.

Knowing Marcus as well as I do, the man has put blood, sweat, and tears into this project. Scripting, pencils, coloring, lettering, design, website construction, and marketing all have his talented stamp of approval. And the effort shows in the work. Congrats Marcus.

Season one of the webcomic is up and running now and the site will be updated every Tuesday and Friday. However, you should visit the site on any day ending in "y". You can thank me later. Or you can thank Marcus now by visiting...

...the King of the Unknown website...

...the King of the Unknown Facebook page

...or the King of the Unknown Twitter page.


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Nat Dandridge said...

Looks awesome! Just found your blog randomly- it looks cool:)