The Hard Easy

Here's the series announcement from Evileye Books...

Crime noir at its grittiest, blood spittin', backstabbin' best

There are criminals, and then there are professionals. Deacon is a pro, making his living by following a few simple rules...

Stay off the radar. Work alone. Live to cash another paycheck.

But Deacon slipped. A million dollar mistake. And now he’s gotta pay it all back. Ten jobs, $100k each, and then he’s free and clear.

If he can make it through each one, Deacon might just get his life back…one job at a time.

That's the setup for The Hard Easy, a graphic novel and prose fiction series coming from writer Bernie Gonzalez and Evileye Books.

The Hard Easy will debut this fall with the first graphic novel, a Richard Stark meets John Woo take on crime noir that promises to deliver brawls and betrayals at blockbuster breakneck speed.

"Bernie Gonzalez is one of those rare talents that goes under the radar of most tastemakers in an industry, and suddenly one day—BAM!—he explodes on the scene, and people go gooseneck crazy wondering where the hell he came from," said A.N. Ommus, Editorial Director of Evileye Books. "So get ready is all I'm saying."

Under the agreement with Evileye Books, Mr. Gonzalez will develop both graphic novels and book-length fiction. Evileye Books will begin giving readers behind-the-scenes looks at The Hard Easy beginning in June, as we lead up to the first graphic novel release.

Mr. Gonzalez will also develop a second series, which will be announced later this summer.

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