The Ancient Age


The Ancient Age presented by
Wide Awake Press

On May 2nd (Free Comic Book Day!) revel in a pantheon of illustrated lore from the ancient age. This free comic download gathers fantastic stories about the world's earliest civilizations, as told by the mighty sequential artisans of today. A monumental mix of new and classic tales featuring heroes, philosophers, creatures, and gods. It’ll be spectacularly epic, epically spectacular, spantafically epilacar—it’ll be good!


Dan Boyd
Michael Bresnahan
J Chris Campbell
Andrew Davis
Andrew Drilion
Patrick Dean
Paul Friedrich
Alexis Frederick-Frost
Justin Gammon
Bernie Gonzalez
Brad Mcgintiy
Corinne Mucha
Dusty Harbin
Mike LaRiccia
Joe Lambert
Josh Latta
Pat Lewis
Rey Ortega
Katie Skelly
Steve Steiner
Ben Towle
Rob Ullman
Jeff Zwirek

I've been diligently working on my books for the last year but I couldn't resist this opportunity. Thanks to J Chris for letting me be involved in this book, particularly considering I wasn't able to be a part of last year's Wide Awake Press Free Comic Book Day offering. I'll post more info as May 2nd approaches. Until then, check out The Ancient Age website for updates.


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