Muscles and Fights Volume 2

It started with an honest fanboy at a mid-sized comic convention sharing his unwavering love for comics: "I like muscles...and fights". Next thing you know, indy misfits Amado Rodriguez and Bud Burgy put together a 184-page anthology featuring comic book artists creating, you guessed it, short stories showcasing muscles and fights (appropriately the book's title). Volume one was well received and left folks hungry for even more, you guessed it again, muscles and fights. So Bud and Amado recently put together another serving of kick-ass, Muscles and Fights 2: Musclier & Fightier.

Indie creators on the encore fight card include: Jon Sloan, Daniel J. Olson, Danno Klonoski, Ryan Dow, Leith St. John, Matthew Kriske, RanDiggity, Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon, Kevin McCarthy, Tim Sievert, Steven St. Walley, Scott Tauser, Bob Lipski, Todd Coss, Alberto Rios, Marcus Muller, Michael Roanhaus, and Earl Luckes Jr.

I had the opportunity of participating in the Muscles and Fights sequel and put together a little ditty called "The Rage of Andy Warhol”. Ain't It Cool recently reviewed the book and was very kind in describing my 14-page installment...

"The book ends on a highly positive note from Bernie Gonzalez. His “The Rage of Andy Warhol” is one of those spoofs that will immediately appeal to both art aficionados and comic book fans by smelting the Incredible Hulk with Andy Warhol to birth the artsy mayhem of Warhulk! Fun stuff of dynamic proportions. Although the story starts off slow, its one of those gems that you don’t want to see end."

You can read the entire Ain't It Cool review here. And for more info on Muscles and Fights volumes one and two, head over to the official bloody and steroid-infused website.


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