The Ancient Book of Myth and War

The Ancient Book of Myth and War presents to you a time capsule, a glimpse into a strange and wondrous world, where myths and legends still roam freely and wars rage in the hearts and minds of the noble and the feeble alike. Experiments in color, shape, line and composition enrich each and every page, accompanied by text that will enlighten the audience with atmospheric facts concerning origins, eras, and even media used in the production of the art itself. The Ancient Book of Myth and War is a fine art hardcover collection of images produced by some of the most highly sophisticated animation designers in the industry.

And just who are those “highly sophisticated animation designers” you ask?

First up is Scott Morse. Along with being presently employed at Pixar, Morse is the genius behind such books as Southpaw, Soulwind, Volcanic Revolver, Magic Pickle, Spaghetti Western, Visitations, Ancient Joe, and Barefoot Serpent. You can check out Morse’s blog here.

Lou Romano, also on the Pixar payroll, has worked on The Powerpuff Girls, The Iron Giant, and The Incredibles. You can check out Romano’s blog here.

Don Shank has worked on a number of animated projects including Ren and Stimpy, Dexter's Lab, and Samurai Jack. He also did development work on The Incredibles. You can check out Shank's blog right here.

Finally, Nate Wragg is an animation industry vet and (also) a present Pixar employee where he was a sketch artist on Ratatouille. He had a short story featured in Image Comics’ Afterworks 2 anthology produced by yet another completely different group of talented Pixar artists. You can check out Wragg’s blog right here.

After having some trouble getting my local comic shop to order this book for me, I simply ordered it through Amazon, got it a few weeks ago, and have been devouring it ever since. Great talent. Amazing artwork. Excellent production and presentation. No wonder they artists debuted the book at the Nucleus Art Gallery back in March of this year.

According to Morse’s blog, there are three other Ancient Books in the works. Next up: The Ancient Book of Sex and Science.

Published by Red Window and distributed by AdHouse Books, The Ancient Book of Myth and War is available at a nice discount at Amazon and worth every penny.


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