Kickin' It Old School

My girlfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment. And moving into a new place is a great excuse to go through all your stuff and realize what's worth keeping and what's worth tossing out. So for the last two weeks, between working, writing, and fixing up the apartment, I've taken a few minutes every night to go through my art materials.

Although I haven't been drawing for nearly as long as other artists I know, I have my fair share of half-finished sketches, folders packed with references, and boxes filled with "things I'll work on later." But as I was looking through some of my early drawings (at least the ones I kept and the ones that have survived numerous moves), I found this little gem...

The drawing measures 8.5x11 and is fully painted. Not too bad considering how raw I was back in the day. And the figure is pretty good. Although I'll give the disclaimer that it may be copied from an Earthworm Jim video game guide or Earthworm Jim advertisement. But don't give me too much grief about it; I was like 13 or 14 when I drew it. I didn't know any better!


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